Cops Talk: 09-09-2013


Komomo Police ask us to build partnerships with them in order to stop violence. I reminded them that they are more violent than armed citizens, who are the real key to stopping violence.

Business owners, let your employees carry to work. Employees, carry to work even if you’re not allowed. At the end of the day, alive is alive and dead is dead.

No cop needed here, and no cop will encourage what she did. They want you to call them instead so they can arrive minutes after you’re dead or robbed.

Local cops aspire to become Fed cops, like those in the DEA who spy on Americans more than the NSA. Cop work is solid at all levels, folks.

Local media love to give cops good PR. Of course, private citizens do good deeds like this all the time, but they don’t need PR because they’re not a tax burden and nuisance to the public.

Here’s another photo of dear cops who rescued a kitty. They’re probably using SWAT vans to search for the owner to ensure that the cat’s tags have been paid up.

Cops save spooked deer. Surprised they didn’t tase it.

Here’s the real value of cops:

Anyhow, cops are useless and dangerous, but we’re putting more on Indy streets.

Parents need to supervise their children while they swim with strangers. Especially when those strangers are cops, who are more twice as likely to sexually assault you. Capitol Police Officer Scott Litten is on paid leave after molesting a girl.

Another stupid program to reduce crime. Armed citizens reduce crime, and cops know this. But they won’t encourage it because they want their undeserved paychecks.

Cop scum Chris Gill was fired after pleading guilty to domestic battery. Wife beaters are your friendly community partners for pubic safety.

Jennings County sheriff’s deputy was arrested on a warrant for intimidation. Why is he shirtless?

On duty IMPD exposes self to stripper and performs sex act. Gets probation. These are your police, Indy.

Northwest Indiana cops now have a “regional stop team.”

A special unit of 12 to 18 police officers called the “region stop team” – “stopping” dozens of people every night for anything that might look outside the norm.

Police state much? Outside the norm is nosy, intrusive cops.

Indy hosts mass casualty exercise, orchestrated by the DHS. These things creep me out. Before the DHS existed, were these things done to prep for tornadoes?

School security at Greenfield High School tased a father who was arguing with officials over their dress code. Like prisons, any so-called “institution of learning” that require cops probably won’t care much about the views of the parents whose kids are there. I still side with the father, though.

A lot of friendly cop stories on the national scene to report this week. Here’s one where cops kick the crap out of a guy, arrest his family, and kick the dog.

These cops beat and tasered a man who was subdued and flat on his back. They sensed “officer safety” at stake when the man lifted his leg to block the baton poundings. Cops need to think about the repercussions of “marking” themselves for the (upcoming) time when the economy and power structure collapse.

A NYPD cop was arrested and accused of smuggling high-powered weapons into the Philippines.

Child molester cop was fired and allowed to return to cop work. Then he was fired again after he did it again. Good job, Beaverton PD.

Cops hold kids at gun point with a shotgun and M16for being on the school’s roof! I was caught on the roof on my highschool once (mid 90s) after I snuck up there to retrieve my key chain I accidentally misthrew. I was suspended for three days, still harsh but at least my life wasn’t threatened.

This piece of trash is being sued after he threatened to kill a motorist for being lawfully armed. After the motorists was stopped for a noncriminal violation, his pistol peeked out of his pocket when his shirt slid up. “Put your hands right there or I’ll shoot you in the f**king back!” These are cops, folks.

Likely another cop-on-civilian murder from which the cop will be exonerated.

Biden wants to target pro-gun lawmakers. When they can’t pass gun legislation to disarm us, they try some other dirty tactic. Another reason we need a new regime, particularly one without cops who always enforce the regime’s whims for a paycheck.

Fourth-grade students are taught that “government is like a nation’s family” because it sets rules and cares for them. Read the intrusive questions the State is asking your kids, then ask yourself why in the world you send them there.

Cops, who work for the same government, think the same way about themselves. Check out this stupid image posted on a cop worship Facebook page. Notice the same attitude of the public schools: Bow to the State who keeps you safe because you’re stupid and inferior and can’t keep yourself safe. While most of these attributes were lifted from a page praising nurses, I’ll rebut these cop canards one by one in a future post.

Burglar and car thief eludes cops, shot dead by home owner. No cop needed. No taxes stolen.

107-year-old man shot dead by SWAT. I’m thinking the “entry team” could have pursued other options. Read the top-rated comment. Folks are waking up to how stupid, trigger happy, and unnecessary cops are. Here’s another story where taser happy cops show their inability or disinterest in using alternative methods to subdue little girls. 





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