Cop Talk: 06-24-2013

shootemA lot of cop news to cover today. Let’s start here, where gun fight ensued when a man wasn’t sold a gun he demanded. A second gunfight ensued when cops arrived which resulted in a dead man and a wounded cop. We don’t know the details, but we wish Trooper Jared Lentz a full recovery. Let’s face it, when most folks run from gun fire, cops head toward it, for better or for worse. In a perfect world, armed citizens would be everywhere thus decreasing the likelihood of gun fights and the need for cops.

Prosecutor Karen Richards says police snipers acted appropriately when they shot and killed a man holding a 3-year-old boy hostage. Four hours earlier, Kenneth Knight had yanked a woman off a city bus and fatally shot her in the face with a shotgun. The woman had obtained a protective order against Knight a day earlier. I congratulate two Fort Wayne police snipers who killed that violent piece of trash. Okay, enough of the cop worship…

Brooke wants to know if you can tell which one is real. Well, it took me just a second to realize that the one on the left is a plastic airsoft pistol while the one on the right is a polymer Glock with a Streamlight weapons light. But anyway, Columbus Indiana is close to banning BB guns within city limits. Lieutenant Matt Meyers:

Our concern is for public safety and we don’t want one of our officers to use deadly force when we’re confronted with people holding these types of toys.

Why aren’t armed Columbus civilians, who greatly outnumber Columbus cops and who are far more likely to encounter these BB guns, worried that they will accidentally use deadly force on these kids? Because this is really about officer safety and police power. The average father or mother doesn’t bolt for the bedroom shotgun when they see a neighborhood kid playing with a gun in broad daylight – because that parent probably bought that kid his BB gun or knows the parent who did! Cops, however, are trained to deem any non-cop with an object that resembles a knife or gun as a threat. They’re trained to view “officer safety” as far more important than your freedom and your safety. BB guns have always resembled real guns, and before now, before the growth of city police agencies, this was never an issue. Families and other locals are best suited to deal with any real issues of this sort, and once again, cops should be encouraging more civilian conceal and open carry to counter any and all so-called threats of gun abuse. If they did, communities would be safer and kids could keep their BB guns. But this won’t happen because tax payers that carry guns usually discover that they have little need of tax feeding cops who do NOT protect and serve.

24-Hour News 8 news partner the Daily Journal reports that Center Grove indoctrination centers are in the process of hiring a police dog that specializes in searching for drugs. “The school system has hired 17-month-old Duxo, a Dutch shepherd.” Why do they speak this way about dogs? You don’t hire a dog because a dog is not a human who can voluntarily accept the offer, nor does it receive a pay check. Here’s more:

Duxo will be available every day to search schools for drugs and to take part in presentations to elementary school students. Before the hiring of Duxo, Center Grove’s middle and high schools were searched by Johnson County Sheriff’s Office’s K-9 about twice a year.

Now, the searches can happen at any time, and it gives time back to Johnson County authorities.

Center Grove is the only school system in Johnson County that has its own police department.

First, it’s sad that parents send their kids to schools where drugs are routinely present. Second, it’s sadder that folks think it’s a good thing to give more revenue collecting time back to cops. Last, it’s really, really sad that a place of learning needs its own flipping police department.

Muncie cops can now practice shooting tax payers using a computer, iPad, and a replica handgun. “Officers must interact with video of real actors and judge their moves in real time.” Once again, if armed citizens carried daily, we wouldn’t need police agencies to waste our money in these ways.

Police hope to kick off fair season safely.

The Department of Homeland Security and Indiana State Police are giving that friendly yet serious reminder – to be alert at all times and if you see anything out of the ordinary, speak up.

In a free society where tax thieves don’t have a monopoly on violence and where arrest powers are distributed broadly among sovereign families, the very presence of the ISP and the DHS at a fair is “out of the ordinary.”

IMPD honored officers for, well, being officers. “Officer Andrew Branham was awarded the Purple Heart for capturing (killing?) the suspect accused of shooting Officer Matthew Fox,” according to Fox 59. I want to say a few things about this, be be warned that this is where we part the men from the sissies.

First things first, I sure hope Mr. Fox has reached a full recovery. What a terrible and frightening experience that must have been. There are many crazies like Lockhart out there. They may live in our neighborhoods. They do drugs. They probably have guns. Perhaps illegally. But they come and go and we often live our entire lives without any run ins with them. That’s because we don’t pester them for having missing tail lights or for smoking illegal plants or for yelling at their girlfriends. I hate it when wackos shoot cops, but I also realize that this usually happens when cops are enforcing pure revenue-collecting measures related to victimless crimes and traffic offenses.

Would I prefer Lockhart to still be alive and a threat to the public? No, but neither do I want him to snap when I cite or arrest him for doing something that really is not threatening the public. Maybe he had a suspended license, or he posessed drugs, or he didn’t have the extra $200 for the seatbelt and tail light tickets. Perhaps he was tired of being pestered in the past by these “law enforcers” and this was simply unfortunate blowback. We don’t know.

Nor do we know if the public is truly safer because that bad guy is dead. The average cop work doesn’t make our communities better, but we are better off due to the daily work of fishermen, farmers, loggers, roofers, utility workers, etc. And for their much more dangerous work they never receive public praise, much less Purple Hearts. If cops would adopt the fireman method and at least respond to actual threats and ditch the patrol model, they’d save their own lives.

Nice of the Excise police to decide not to patrol the Dave Mathews Band concert. Instead, they chose to bust 24 boozers at the Tampico Tractor Pull. And to bust 33 more at Butler’s Midsummer. What work would do-gooder cops have if there were no victim-less crime laws to enforce? Very little. Police departments would significantly downsize, we’d be richer, no less safe, and yes, still partiers. Yet, folks continue to say that we need more cops.

Mayor Greg Ballard doesn’t think so. At least not if funded irresponsibility, as cops wanted. Great job, Mayor!

I guess we do need cops to make sure we cut our grass. 

Cops warn folks to stay away from this house which had 10 pounds of the toxic substance called mercury spill out of a cabinet. I agree with the warning, but I also think cops should forthwith arrest all medical professionals who profit from injecting the same stuff into infants in the name of health and safety.

Cops tase a young autistic girl who was walking around naked. If I didn’t have dependent children and a wife, and if I didn’t mind serving time in jail, I’d love to have seen that in person…if you know what I mean.

This is not a cop story, per se, but it’s worth the attention of Hoosiers who love liberty and peace.

Camp Atterbury hopes a new $1 million runway and years of experience will give Indiana and Ohio an edge in their bid to host one of six drone testing sites across the country.

For the massive human and financial investment required to build, use, and maintain them, drones have little noble and lawful utility in a free society. Aside from killing Pakistan boys and other civilians at wedding parties (for every so-called terrorist target, these drones kill 50 civilians), and apart from spying on innocents (they’re already being used here), what use are they? You’re more likely to be killed by slipping in your bathtub, by bee stings, by a deer accident, by a medical malpractice, or by being shot by cops than to be killed by a “terrorist.” By sponsor and by deed, the U.S. military IS the terrorist and we don’t want their stinking drones in Indiana.

Good day, now!



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  1. July 1, 2013

    […] Last week we mentioned that Columbus is banning BB guns because they look like real guns. Here’s a lady who scared off a criminal with a fake gun that looked like the real deal. Fake guns may not be good for “officer safety,” but damn it, their good for your safety! […]

  2. July 8, 2013

    […] also written about Indiana Drone centers, but officials still push for the Atterbury testing site. Apparently, it doesn’t bother them […]

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